Apr 112010
Placing blankets on the press of a limited print edition

Placing blankets on the press of a limited print edition

Limited edition prints are an ideal way to organize and create value for photographs, hand-pulled prints like etchings, lithographs and serigraphs. By creating quality multiples of fine art works you can earn better money for your efforts while reaching a larger audience of ownership for your work.  Keep in mind that the smaller number of prints done, the more valuable each print will be.

Decide how many copies you want to print in your limited edition. Certain media will break down with the physical pressure of pressing out duplicates. Incised plates printed with the pressure of a press, surfaces that will wear away with mechanical repetition or other printing methods that will fade images over time produce the best and clearest prints at the beginning of the print edition. In these limited edition prints, the pieces with the lowest edition numbers are usually valued highest.

Pull the first prints and label them as proofs. Often these first trial prints are given as gifts. They tend to be valued as one-of-a-kind prints.

The first prints that have the right color and look the way you want are labeled ‘bon a tirer’ or ‘Artist Proof’.

Numbering should start with number one and the total edition number is listed beneath or next to the number of the print number (often like a fraction is drawn). Each new print is numbered up higher as it is printed in order of printing.

Keep a record of each number sold or given away.