Mar 262012

Cat painting by Schwartz Gates

“Feline Evolution” by Jane Schwartz Gates

It’s interesting that I love dogs and cats equally but differently. For some reason dogs are my companions and pals with whom I can share my everyday moods. Cats, on the other hand, are more like spiritual guides. They seem to have an existence above the mundane world and share only those deep, unvoiced secrets in life.

Although I couldn’t imagine life without my canine best friends, cats are the ones that often populate my fine art work. I enjoy doing dog – and even bird pet portraits, but when it comes to my fine art paintings, cats take the spotlight. Maybe it’s because there are so many kinds of wild cats that are not interbred like dogs, or maybe it’s because even the highly bred domestic catstill jealously seems to guard a powerful streak of natural independence in its character. Perhaps it’s the grace of movement that the feline body shows, or that I-know-something-you-don’t-know cats reflect back to you in their large, round eyes…. There’s just something unique in the cat that you just don’t find in other animals, despite the wide range of personalities felines have. It doesn’t mean they are better or worse than any other form of life, but it does make me delight in drawing and painting them.

Cat painting by Jane Schwartz Gates

‘Gray Cats’ painting and prints by Jane Schwartz Gates

I know I’m not the only one who suffers from feline fascination. Just look at how many people chose to share their lives with cats!

Jane Schwartz Gates painting

‘Cat Spirit’, painting and prints by Jane Schwartz Gates

Mar 252012


dog portrait

Each of our pets has a unique look and personality.

Different artists have different ways of working. To do a good pet portrait it is important that the artist gets a feel of the individual subject. Each pet is unique with not only character in looks, but also in personality. If an artist can get to meet your pet before doing a portrait, you are likely to get a more insightful piece of art. Whether the style of painting is realistic, impressionistic or stylistic, a successful portrait should reflect the individual personality of your little friend. If you are sending a photograph for reference make sure it is one that shows some character. Multiple photos are even better since they can be combined to capture the best of your pet’s personality.