Apr 132012

'Cat Spirit' art print

'Cat Spirit'

If you feel an affinity to felines, you’ll likely understand what this painting is about. I love dogs and they, like cats, have an important role in my life. Dogs make fine pals and activity companions. When you come home, they always make you feel welcome. Most canines (and some felines) are great snugglers and offer a deep sense of comfort.

Cats, on the other hand live on another plane. Although my current cat also greets me along with my dogs whenever I come home, cats in general seem to live on a more ethereal dimension where reality is just a bit less grounded. (Note how cats are oh-so likely to deny they could possibly have tripped or fallen!) I find the presence of a cat is an honor. Evoking a purr is an accomplishment. And when a cat deigns to meet your eyes squarely, you feel your soul has been searched. I guess this is part of the reason I never think twice about disturbing a dog who might be sharing my bed, yet fear to move when a cat has taken up residency on that same bed. Perhaps this is just my response to the feline spirit, but I suspect other cat-lovers can relate.

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