Welcome to the art of Jane Schwartz Gates


Feel free to take a tour of fine art paintings and prints, illustrations, pet portraits and artistic wearable items. There are also some informational articles and some background information on Jane. Also, please check out her new gardening book “All the Garden’s a Stage” (Schiffer Press) for lots of gardening information presented in an entertaining format with Jane’s cartoon plants. (For more information on plants, gardening and landscape design, go to GardenGates.info or the landscape design business site at Gates & Croft Horticultural Design. Jane’s fine art paintings are featured in the coffee table book “100 Artists of the West Coast II”.



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  3 Responses to “Welcome to the art of Jane Schwartz Gates”

  1. Dear Ms. Schwartz:
    I found your information on the RISD website. We are looking for an artist/painter to paint an Italian landscape with Villa from a photograph. Of course your own style technique would be incorporated! We currently traveled to Italy this Spring and attended a beautiful wedding at this specific villa. We thought it would be a great gift to give the newlyweds a painting of the beautiful location where they married. Is this something that would of interest to you? Look forward to speaking with you.

    Kind regards,

    Brenda Dassoni


  2. Thank you for your offer, Brenda. I’m not sure my fantasy style will work for painting an Italian Villa, though. At the moment I am swamped with work, but if you are still interested and you are not in a rush, we can talk further….

  3. I have to add a big thanks to Kim at Crunchy Data for saving this site when everything went wrong. If you ever need website designing or help, you can count on her at http://crunchydata.com/about-crunchydata-solutions-websites.

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